the godess of Aberigian people who falls in love with Eros the god of sex and candy. According to legend, she hates paintings and pictures of herself.
Today we read about Mona in Greek Mythology
by Hand sanatizer April 26, 2006
when there is a girl and she is like the mona Lisa pretty from afar but up close she is a hot mess

this expression was used in the movie 'clueless'
girl 1: hey that girl over there is pretty

girl 2: nah she's a total a mona she's not that pretty
by bklyn86283 September 15, 2015
A person who is stupid/lacking in intellect, someone who defies common sense.
"Oh you stupid monas" would mean "you total idiot". "Don't be a monas man..." etc.
by Carl June 04, 2003
A venetian dialect word for pussy. The word is however commonly used in order to address a person who is not very bright, i.e. an idiot. In some cases the word can also be used to define a very attractive woman.
Toni: Ou Bepi, gheto visto chea? (Hey Joe, have you seen that lady?)
Bepi: Bea mona! (What a hottie!)

Toni: Ieri nando in gondola me son scota, dio canela (Yesterday while sailing on my gondola i got sunburnt, god damn)
Bepi:Che mona! (What an idiot!)
by ElPelle April 10, 2011
A phrase in Southern dialect meaning "I am going to" followed by an the rest of the infinitive and the remaining thought of a sentence.
Mona get me a sandwich as soon as I quit work.
by Richard Black August 01, 2007
In a north Italian dialect, literally, it means pussy.
It is used with the meaning of stupid or idiot,too.
1) Mi piace la mona
I like pussy
2) Sei proprio un mona!
You are an idiot!
3) Ma va in mona!
Fuck You!
by Gilll September 11, 2006
The beautiful spanish word for monkey.
Mona means monkey in spanish!!!!
If your name is Ramona in if you would transalate it into english it would be Ramonkey
by Nuna123456789 November 20, 2009
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