A momo or momosexual is a male that falls somewhere between a metrosexual and a homosexual. This is usually a metrosexual male that is yet to come out of the closet. Unlike a conventional metrosexual who cares about his appearance and hygiene, he does actually have homosexual tendencies (which he may or may not know about).
"Dude, wearing that pink sweater and baby blue wife beater at the Portsea Pub is really pushing your luck. The bogans aint going to like it. You are such a momosexual!"
by darbers June 06, 2006
Top Definition
1) The act of loving food so much that you have sexual feelings toward it. This can be anything from messing around with food to eating your own throw up. Symptons include depression, weight loss, and random spasms of throwing up pasta at italian dinners. Victims of momosexuality will also possess a mass love for swag and the act/ability of swagger. Because of this, they may lose all of their friends and die alone. You have to be born with momosexuality, and it is incurable, just like AIDS or cancer. It can also be fatal as the food may give way to other disease, and is responsible for 78% of the deaths in India every year, as well as 32% of the deaths in the US. This disease was named by the CDC as "the end to all life on earth" and "the way of our extinction", but nothing has fully been proven yet. If you have momosexuality, the best thing to do is join the cast of glee, where you will be accepted for the individuality you have as a person If you haven't already been hunted down by the governmant and quarantined.
Tyreese: Oh, Elvis was such a momosexual with all his food he had everywhere

by MomoTheEaterOfWorlds October 06, 2013
When you are interested or in love with other people's mom.
I think Fred is a mom-o-sexual because he flirts with everyone's mother.
by TheDoctor010 March 26, 2010
A clean-cut mormon who is actually gay but will never be able to come out. Especially if he is on a mission.
Although he insisted he was a soft-spoken, devout member of the church, his friends knew he was a momosexual and felt badly that he would never be able to be himself.
by Jillmormon August 15, 2011
A lover of all things meat
That momosexual ate the brisket like it was a piece of cake.
by Young Mr T July 24, 2016
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