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usually the girlfriend of one of the members of a posse, has to go around sorting things out,:like hoovering the house when the lads have smashed the home of one of the parents who is away on holiday!
A: "alrite lads this is me missus!"
Posse: "Phoaw she's a bit of alrite ay her?"
Posse lad whos house theyre crashin at: "shit my moms back tonight and look at this bomb! i dow think it looked like this when they left did it? how do we use a electric bruch or somat?"
A: "shit I dow kno, but i think them called hoovers!?!"
Unfortunate girlfriend of person 'A': "Aww dont worry I'll do it for you!"
Posse: "She's a propa sound bird she is 'A', you outta marry her! Oh and is there any chance you could wash them pint glasses up an all chic? ta!"
by Trinkbar_Trina March 29, 2005
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