A term you use, when you in deep shit that scares you to your diaper years and the only mambo jumbo you can say to the big bad scary thing in front of you that all lives in one sentence is Mommy that's the equivalent meaning of oh shit, well fuck, i'm screwed and etc.

It may as well be in a funny situation, to make a serious scary moment a bit comical with a weird facial expression.
Mommy !!! (scary nervous face)
by the bee blah May 22, 2015
A woman (usu. wife or girlfriend) who talks to you, or treats you like you're 7 years old, even though you're an adult.
"Honey, it's cold out. Put on a warm coat for your trip!"
"Remember to shave and shower!"
"Yes, mommy" (sarcastically)

"Ashley makes his sandwich and puts out his clothes every day before he goes to work. She's like his mommy!"
by capryl8 September 25, 2012
A girl with the hottest tits, tightest ass, and sexiest legs ever that makes your jaw hit the floor.
Hey man, you shoulda seen this mommy that came into work yesterday, I thought I was going to have to buy new pants on the job.
by j71 July 12, 2009
Pain in the ass
Omg!! Mommy is killing me
by Mullar October 14, 2011
Whenever you date a woman 5 or more years older than you, you and your friends can refer to her as your mommy.
Look at you dating that mommy. She's gotta be at least 31 years old.
by mcdisease September 14, 2010
Yo bitch ass moms; dat hoe that gave you life.
I fucked yo mommy up and down.
by tyrone wade June 20, 2006

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