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the nice lady that takes me to school everyday and kisses me on the cheek because she loves me and doesn't want me to get hurt on the playground
My mommy loves me very much
by compact asian March 14, 2004
Someone who is always forgiving. Someone in which whom you know that you can always rely on. Mommy will always come back, and Mommy will never leave for long. A mommy always wants the best for their child, and will always put a child first in any circumstance. A mommy is a child's best friend. A mommy is an extraordinary person. It is a tough job to be a mommy, a job that only a mommy could ever handle. You can never break the bond between a child and a mommy, and a mommy can never be replaced. Mommy is another word for love. God couldnt be everywhere, so he created Mommies.
I love my mommy and nothing, and nobody will ever change that.
1) Female parent
2) Used as a adjective for a female who is superior to someone; used by females to infer superior status over another, particularly a male.
Mommyyyy, can I go out and play?

I'm your mommy, boy, respect this shit.
by Vyxen November 23, 2004
The woman who worked gave birth to you and so on, she gives you candy and love, and candy and gifts and candy and she is awesome!
My mommy gives me candies.
by Free Spirit Curly Hair December 13, 2013
a mommy is a women who dose all she can to make sure her kids grow up to be loving caring people who are smart enought and who respect them selfs enought to live happy lifes. a mommys job is verry hard, and kids may not always understand there reasons for things mommys do all they can for there kids.
my mommy has become my best friend and id be lost with out her.
all the things my mommy has went threw for me has made me respect her more and more.
mommy i wanna be just like you.
by ladytruth April 02, 2011
That nice lady in the kitchen who makes a sandwich for you, right now.
Know what I really want? A sandwich with ham and tomato and just a thin layer of mayo. Will you make me one if I call you mommy?
by Kardas W. Fox April 06, 2010
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