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1 to be so absorbed in family life that a mother becomes completely detached and even lethargic when it comes to her personal self; to be selfless to the point of self neglect; to lose your individuality to the collective

2 the compulsive need to mother everything you encounter, whether spouses, children, animals, inanimate objects or complete strangers; the compulsive need to tell the world how it should be living it's life;the propensity to believing that everything you encounter somehow NEEDS your advice and will otherwise perish into oblivion without your help
I have many women friends who are totally mommed out. "She totally mommed out on me."
by princessgrace August 14, 2011
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Mommed Out ; a word to mean the same thing as Pimped out. 2. Something would be most convenient to you. 3. Something Good
1. Something bad

1. Non-extreme word of F*cked Up
"Those Rims Are Mommed Out"

2 "Yo this is so mommed"

3. "Why you mommed up the system?"
by Dr_Polish May 29, 2004

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