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When you post a status and your (or your friend's) mom adds a comment that completely hijacks the status to the point where the topic has changed.
You - "OMG, I totally had the worst day! I fell and broke my leg!"
Mom - "Hey, since you're home, would you please record Dancing With The Stars for me tonight?"
Everyone else - "OMG, I hope Derek Hough wins that Mirror Ball trophy!"
You - "Thanks, mom. You just mom-jacked my pain."
by smc1991 December 16, 2014
when your mom joins facebook and you have to control what you post online
i was about to post that i got so wasted i was last night i was the only girl in a gang bang, but then i remembered my facebook got momjacked so i just said i had fun last night.
by polga October 27, 2010
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