Made of Money
My son asked me if he could have some money and I said I'm not Mom
by My ninja December 08, 2014
A mom is someone who is someone who loves you as a mother, someone who gave birth to you but not always. Adoption is an option
Person 1: this your mom
Person 2: Yeah she is my mom
by hummusisgood May 14, 2016
A woman who puts everyone and everything else first, to the point that she loses herself along the way. She thinks of everyone else first, but is usually the last to be thought of. She sacrifices selflessly sun up to sun down. She pushes on tirelessly, though others (mostly Dads) don't notice her efforts. She receives no pay, but when she finally gets a moment of recognition it's the best reward in the world to her.
Why are you so tired Mom?
by SupaDupaMe April 03, 2016
a person who will beat you up if you don't listen and snaps at you if you talk back or look her in eye. Someone that hates me unconditionally. Places bruises all over my body. Hits me with sticks or anything that will hurt me. Someone who doesn't understand your pain. Someone who doesn't love you for who you are. Not all moms are like that. Other moms love their offsprings with love and with the upmost attention. With all the patience and love in the world. I envy those who have those kind of mothers.
"My mom hit me, it didn't hurt much but it broke my heart."
by lifeexperience January 21, 2016
Adult female who doesn't understand Urban Dictionary
Mom: "Can you buy an Urban Dictionary at Barnes and Noble?"
by AClair September 05, 2015
Made Of Money
Mom:do I look like I'm made of money

Kid:isn't that what mom means M-made O-of M-money
by Iheartsportz July 17, 2015
A female who gave life to you. Also someone who stresses you out. Let alone be stressed out making sure you don't become a parent until after college.
Look at her mom! She looks stressed.
by that1soccergirl December 31, 2014
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