1. The person who gave birth to you.

2. A nickname for Roger H.
"You make a mean Mac n' Cheese Mom."

"Nice tackle out there Mom; you're a freaking beast today!"
by Rogizzle April 06, 2005
The reason why I haven't starved to death.
Me, to my mum: "No, mommy, please don't make me move out of the house!
Who will cook food for me and make my laundry and read me bed-time stories and kiss me on the cheek whenever I get a boo boo?
Wa-wa-wa-crying noises-wa!"
by Commodore Muffincakes August 02, 2010
the woman who can be the biggest bitch in the whole world and will do anything 2 be right. She's not always right but thinks she is and ends up getting you in trouble for something you didn't do. But she's not always a bitch, she can be the most loving person in the world and do anything to make her kids have a better life. She puts her kids first and is hardly ever selfish. She'll love you no matter what you did and doesn't care what you look like, what you did, or how well you did as long as she knows that you tried you're hardest and didn't mean to hurt anyone(including yourself) in the process.
My mom is not selfish at ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
by catchmeififall19 February 12, 2008
my best friend in the whole world. No matter how much we argue, shes always there for me and listens to me. the woman who spent hours in the hospital trying to "lay a fricken bowling ball" after nine months of me kickin her in her sleep and wakin her up and makin her cry for no reason and makin her want to eat the house down without gainin a pound. She is the woman who doesnt care how much i cry on her shoulder and how sopping wet with tears and snot her shoulder gets, she will always listen to me tell her about how "BoB likes CiNdY instead of me." she teaches me that you can still be happy without the world in your back pocket. She teaches me that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that i should always respect others, even if they do not respect themselves and others back. she teaches me that i am always loved, and she will always be there for me. she is the woman that i can still sit in her lap and will be able to until im 50!!! -because she loves me that much- she is the woman who told you how great your concert went even if you messed up over and over and over again. she is the best person that you can ever meet.
*might i add that your mom doesn't have to be the woman who gave birth to you. she can just be the woman who supports you and cares about you.*
all of the people who refer to their mom's as "bitches" and "whores" and other disrespectful names need to think about all that their mothers do. respect her because she does more for you than you will ever know.
Billy bob broke up with Sara sue. sara sue's mom stayed up all night listening to how he just wanted to be friends and then she saw him holding hands with Curly cue five min. later.

some women go through labor for like two days straight! think about that, 48 hours of pain!!! no matter if she is a good mother or not, she went through that for you!

by ikkinikki May 12, 2006
Some asshole bitch that lives in your house who is just a waste of space.
Hey man my mom is such a fat ass bitch
by Knowledge god. October 18, 2008
(no not the woman that gave birth to you) the person in a friend group that always provides the unwanted good advice.
billy: hey lets go jump off that bridge
joe: i don't think that's a very good idea we might die
billy: Okay MOM
by dawatlaume April 04, 2011
the person who gave birth to you!!!!!!!!!yah YOU!!!!
hello i am your mom and i gave birth to you.I went through a lot of pain.And it seems like your growing up so fast.
by Lauren:) June 16, 2003

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