a person who is ur parent and is female.
She talks and talks and talks until u wanna hit her over the head with a shovel. :)
God, mom, why wont u just shut up? Please Stop Talking to me. I get it, i wont ever try to stick a roach in the microwave again. now shut up!
by photohungry August 18, 2007
The woman who gave birth to you. She sometimes gets in your face & business, she has mood swings & at times just loses it, but you love her no matter what & she loves you too.
All any mom really wants is to have one day a week to just relax & not have to drive their kids everywhere.

She's the woman who takes care of all the pets you promised to feed & bathe but 'forget', the one who buys you almost everything in the world, the one who hugs you when you're upset & always has a shoulder to cry on, the one who deals with anything from Tampons to heartbreaks when dads don't, the one who always searches for bargains, & one of the few females who won't start rumors about you & start drama.
In other words, the crazy lady well all love.
Me: Mom, can I have this new CD?

Mom: You just got one!

Me: But I really like this band! I found it online cheap & new.

Mom: -sighs- How much, honey?
by ToriFTW January 03, 2009
some woman you didn't chose to be with yet you are stuck with your entire life until you move out. bitch who always thinks she's right, and if you DARE say she's wrong all hell breaks loose. nags the shit out of you about how you don't do enough chores. goes apeshit if you dont get perfect grades. tells you that you have to be forever grateful that she brought you into this world.
"do the laundry! clean your room! get better grades! your a failure and will never make it in life!" -mom
"FUCK MY LIFE!!!!!!" - me
by titaniccc45 August 21, 2009
When a promiscuous woman tatoo's an 'M' on each cheek - so it spells "WoW" when her legs are in the air.
I was with this girl last night and she had an 'M' tatoo'd on her ass. It said 'MoM' when she bent over, but I spent all night looking at 'WoW'
by TheKnightWhoSaidNi September 08, 2007
a common joke that teenagers use when they are too lame to come up with any other comeback.
man 1: Dude! you're so lame!

man 2: you're mom is lame.
by dictionarylady September 02, 2008
They love you sometimes, and sometimes they suck!
Mom: Im sorry, but you make me sick!

Me: Thanks... :( *jumps out of window*
by keepout October 04, 2009
the most annoying piece of shit on the planet of earth.
" Do your hw"
"but i did it alreay"
" do your hw"
by iHATE SOCIETY December 01, 2005
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