Woman who is convinced she is always right, never makes mistakes, nothing is her fault, and that you're never good enough.

She likes to chew food loudly, drink gin and tonics, and then chew on the ice.

She enjoys yelling and pointing out things you do wrong.

She hates everyone and everyone hates her, and she likes to point that out while lying on her bed while complaining that you don't do enough.

She is the soul cause of your depression, the concusion you suffered when you were 10, and your obsession and anxiety problems.

You love her.
"Hey Mom can I have a few dollars to buy pens that I need for school."

"No, I don't have any money...Oh look, my custom Neiman Marcus suit came in the mail."
by leftsuburbia August 04, 2005
Completly crazy. 100% insane.
Me: "Hey Mom, what's for lunch?"
by aniderrrr June 29, 2010
Another way of writing 'mum'. A woman who screams at you all day and night for not doing your chores (and the woman is not your wife)
Mom, stop screaming at me!
by mysterious_writa September 26, 2004
The foreman of your first residence, the baby factory.
878 Fallopian Lane
Uterus, MOM 12345
by Wesley M. Williams February 09, 2005
a supportive parent UNTIL your 11. then hell breaks loose
ages 4-10; hey mom, can you help out with this homework paper?
mom: sure thing buddy.

ages 11-18: hey mom, can you help out with this assingment?
mom: figure it out yourself.
by Ratchet&Clank54 May 24, 2011
One who gives birth to you and has to care and nurture your stupid ass until you are 18 or 40.You will never know.
The most used comeback.
Dave: Hey, what are you doing this summer, Jeff?
Jeff: Your mom *laughs like a dumbass*.
Dave: Idiot...
by Es34 May 06, 2008
The one person a daughter can hate the most
mothers can:
-be bitches
-invade your privacy
-believe thier always right
-nag and complain constantly
-hit you for no reason
-cause public embarassment
-make you break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend
and the list could go on...the only thing to thank a mother for is the gift of life THAT'S IT
kid: "I hate you"

mom: "I brought you into this world, I can take you out"
by hdfiuydsfndksf May 13, 2007
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