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to stephany-alley
stephany:hi mom
alley:hello daughter
by john May 04, 2003
A term for the female parental unit. Originating from the 1996 novel, "Infinite Jest" by David Foster Wallace.
"The Moms has a phobia of doors and overhead lighting"
by ketiekew May 13, 2007
mom is the shortened form of MOMENT.
often used in chats, when someone wants to say, that he is busy right now and still needs a moment.
1: can you tell me who won the game yesterday?
2: mom, i have to check first.
by Macster June 29, 2004
Marine-Only-Material. Term used for a girl so ugly only a marine would hook up with her.
Hey bro don't by that girl a drink, she's a total M.O.M.
by DodgerblueSC November 26, 2008
the incorrect spelling of mum

the person that gave birth to you.
oi, mum, can you give me a ride to the punk show tonight?
by oioioioioi June 05, 2005
Your daddies bitch. Your brothers bitch and one day your bitch
Your daddy gave it to his "bitch"
by Yourdaddy March 21, 2005
how a young child describes his gay parents
My moms raised me since I was was hatched from an egg donor.
by j ogrady May 13, 2007