The best person in the entire world that is my best friend!!
I love you Mommy!
by Mandi September 23, 2003
the greast women to ever live on this planet

mothers take time to make kids kids should smile&love there mom back 100%
even if they smoke still respect them 100%
my mom smokes and acts nuts i love her 100%
by nick January 10, 2004
that bitch that is fat now due to you. fucking bitch. dont ever call her ugly, its your fault! fucking i think the only reason mothers love you unconditionally is bc youre the only one that will love them back bc you made them fucking fat. damn youre a bitch!i cant belive that fucker buys you shit. and to think she put all her effort into pushin you out her cooch. then againn,, it could be her fault if your mom was a whore! buttttttt she could have gone skinny again.. if she stopped eating and became an anorexic slut bc she was made fun of for being fat.. bc of you!
your mom is a whore

did i ever tell you i wanna fuck your mom?
what kind of boyfriend are you!?
by jack the mother fucking ripper December 24, 2009
Man Of the Moment.
1) one tends to label their male crush as "mom". the Mom is considered to be the guy that they are crazy over at that moment.
2) one tends to label the male hero at the time, or the person most involved at that moment.
"OH MY GOD!!!! they are so HOT!! i think it's my mom..."
"Yep, that's my mom. he just gave birth to me."
by frilly fill October 09, 2005
mom: a quick abbreviation of Mask of Madness.

An item that grants life leech, increased movement and attack speed.
Found in DoTA, a WarCraft3 custom game.
Popular among players who use melee heroes as it enables them to catch up to fleeing players and kill them.
Zhiguang: fuck lor, he keep running away.. cant kill him sia..
Mcnus: aiya, get mom lah..
by Zhiguang July 30, 2005
used to induce a huge admiration for something
"F.E.A.R. is mom!"
by Revolve June 03, 2004
mom (adj.)

1. used to describe something that is really great, nice, kind, helpful.

syn: momlike
I can't believe your boyfriend brought you soup when you were sick! He's so mom!
by jamie February 25, 2004

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