A very sweet loving person HAPPY MOTHERS DAY Mom
a hard working person named Mom
by Zyan Coyle May 10, 2008
the way Americans spell mum!
my mum gave birth to me in England
mom wrongly spelt word
by londoner! March 29, 2011
A single mother who takes on the role of both mother and father.
"My moms works two jobs to provide for me and my sisters."
by iloveart January 16, 2012
the best person a girl can have in her life, a person who lovers her cares for her and is there for her. I LOVE YOU MOM!!!! people think their cool if they diss their mom but lets all face it: MOMS ROCK!!!!! <3
mom is the best :)
by who do u think i am October 27, 2010
The number one source of great jokes worldwide
I had rough sex with your mom last night
by Bill November 28, 2005
Making only money!
That dude more into MoM than babes!
by Master B Mac November 24, 2008
Malignant. Oppressive. Monster.

The woman who believes that birthing you gives her everlasting control over your life. It was twenty years ago... get over it.
"Dude, my M.O.M. is such a bitch!"
by yab February 28, 2005

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