unflattering woman's jeans worn slightly above the navel in a manner that accentuates flat buttocks
Don't wear mom jeans to the family reunion, it'll embarrass my aunt.
by The Return of Light Joker May 09, 2010
Mom jeans are high-waisted denims cut wide to accommodate the ample hips, thighs and posteriors of American mothers too busy driving their kids to soccer games to find time for a personal trainer.
Mom jeans are designed for people looking more for comfort than style.
by NewGillman February 22, 2012
(adj) something that was once cool but has become so popular it's now uncool.
Dude: My mom just added me on Facebook! She barely knows how to use a computer.
Friend: I know, Facebook is so mom jeans.
by calmebob February 16, 2009
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