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When two people repeatedly say "your mom." to one another until one goes and gets their 9 to shoot the other one.
whitey #1: ur gay.
whitey #2: ur moms gay.
whitey #1: im going to get my 9.. i will be right back!
whitey #2: (yells) ur moms going to get her 9?
by Cait n Abs December 10, 2003
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Similar to a freestyle battle, except where a select portion of a sentence is integrated with the phrase, "your mom," and repeats back and forth between two 'your-mom-ers' until one runs out of variations before the other.
albo #1: is scott giving u a ride?
albo #2: giving ur mom a ride?
albo #2: riding ur mom?
albo #2: what what!!
albo #1: riding isnt a good choice to have a mom battle over too many nasty refrences can come out of it
by Dystynt Methods March 19, 2003

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