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A tweet posted to kick-off a targeted hacker attack, start a firestorm of controversy, or incite a flame war.
This term is derived from molotov cocktail, a low-cost firebomb popular among revolutionaries. A molotweet cocktail was posted by @Anon_Operation on Dec. 8, 2010 as a call to fire denial of service attacks against Mastercard and Visa in retaliation for their withholding of card-holder donations to Wikileaks. Once the molotweet cocktail was posted, a barrage of attacks brought down the cardholders in 3 minutes flat. Using Twitter to recruit volunteers, @Anon_Operation shared an executable and instructions to allow Twitter users to join the bot-net attack. This was the first time in history that civilians voluntarily enrolled to join a political internet war with such major global impact.

A less incendiary form of molotweet cocktail is posting flame-inciting tweets like "Why don't all women just get boob jobs already?"
by Silver-Tongued Angel December 08, 2010
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