The act of pouring a flammable alcoholic beverage on a girl's breasts and setting them on fire during sexual intercourse.
Guy 1: I had to take my girlfriend to the hospital to be treated for her burns after I Molotov Cocktail'd her. She's pissed to say the least...

Guy 2: Doesn't matter, had sex.
by MikeFuckingTyson December 22, 2011
a bomb made up of a glass bottle with a flammable liquid inside and with a gasoline-soaked cloth inside and coming out the top. It is lit and thrown and explodes on impact creating an instant inferno. First used in World War 1
Big Bird: hey kids today we're gonna teahc you how to make your own molotov cocktail.
by PlayDohMan May 10, 2004
A crude bomb that can be made in ones kitchen sink. Usually its a mixture of high octane gasoline and laundry detergent. This mixture makes is very sticky and thick. Its basically a poor mans napalm bomb. This mixture is put in an empty bottle and then has a gasoline soaked rag stuffed into the top as a way to ignite the mixture. This is thrown at its target and is expected to break (the bottle) and spread the sticky mixture of highly flammable gasoline and ignite it. This then burns its target to a crisp.
The protesters were so violent they were fighting the police with molotov cocktails. Several hit their mark and made the cops crispy critters.
by The real private pyle November 11, 2003
Lean (purple drank) with some hotsauce in it
1- "Yo, let's make a molotov cocktail, cuh"
2- "Fa Sho, I'll get the Tobasco and we'll get blowed up"
by KrackuhAce June 22, 2006
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