1. the action of back slapping another person across the face so hard with and extremely large dick that it wraps around the chosen other's head, and hits them on the opposite cheek
2. when a male slaps his penis on a females cheek and the penis bends around and hits her other cheek
- "omg yo, that girl last night made me so hard... i grew to like 8 inches"
- "dude! did u mollywop her with that anaconda?!"
- "nah yo, i would've needed a few more inches to do that"
by raeandbryn June 26, 2010
to smack yourself in the balls by accident
I just mollywopped myself and boy does it sting!
by Chris Rauer April 23, 2006
to accidentally smack yourself in the genitalia.
While pulling on his pants, Joe Schmo mollywopped himself so hard he cried.
by Rauer April 30, 2006
To smack or hit with unimaginable force/ To maul a caucasian male, as usually done by an african american male.
I'm gonna mollywop yo ass into tomorrow, bitch!
by Patrick Kitizzle July 10, 2003
to hit someone all over
I want to molly wop you up and down tha street
by daBiiTcHyAhLuV May 06, 2008
1. to hit someone with a Mollywop stick
You just got Mollywoped sucka!!
by Will Busch April 04, 2006
Tobeat someone senseless, preferrably with a stick...
Because Terry was acting so belligerent and stupid, I had to mollywop him.
by Eric July 18, 2003

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