an amazing person who is very smart and is loved by everyone. she is an over achiever but guys love herr!!!! she is a gorgeous girl with small boobs, but she is still sexxy(:
damn, thats definetly a molly!!
by hottie2211(: October 17, 2011
Amazing, cute, beautiful, gorgeous and someone that makes you very happy. She is always there for you when your unhappy and will do anything to make you laugh. She is very athletic and when you look into her eyes all you can see is nothing but pure love. She is such a blonde and even though she is brunnette she has the personallity of a blonde. When you see her for the first time and when she gives you that one look you just know she is the one.
by tuka_bear July 08, 2011
Molly is someone who is bright and always kind and generous! She cares about her friends and family. Along with that, Molly's are usually very girly. Also, many Molly's have clear and perfect skin along with goregeous hair. A Molly's smile can send everyone head over heels for her. Is very atheletic and has a skinny body to prove it. Most common sports a Mollly plays is gymnastics, cheerleading, or basketball. Can get sad easily and a Molly will need a shoulder to cry on. Usually is a good dancer, but sometimes its the complete opposite! Usually has Blonde or Red hair.
Boy 1: Hey, you see that Molly?

Boy 2: Hell ya! shes a hottie...
by SanFranciscoLover104 February 08, 2010
A super awesome girl. Very athletic and NINJA!!! She loves to be around people and can easily make friends. They are very loved and every one likes them. She's the best friend anyone could ever make. She is beautiful and dose not know. She always sets time for homework and grades and makes the best of her life. She is out going and the funniest person in the world. She also makes really lame jokes. Though she is always hilarious.
Person 1: Did you see that girl do that super awesome trick!
Me: Of course! It's a Molly!
Person: How do you know?
Me: How do you not know, it's an obvious Molly!
by so totally awesome me January 06, 2013
anus cake
" I would hate to look like Molly"
"Yeah she is a total anus cake"
by turtleescapee August 29, 2014
Fuckin awesome
"wow, that molly"
"she's fuckin awesome!"
by youwish! January 09, 2012
A very beautiful, that should go out with a Casey. Very athletic and has a very anoying brother. She likes one of there friends auntie and the auntie likes them back!
Wow she is such a Molly!
by nattherealtionshipmaker December 06, 2011

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