a molly is usually a very beautiful girl who gets sad easily she is fun to be around has an amazing body and if you play your cards right she usually lets you see it,she is hyper a lot and is constantly making weird noises and saying weird stuff she will put out if your lucky. mollys usually have things for bad boys. don't be surprised it you find he smoking with them. a molly usually loves her friends and family but she couldn't live without guys. if a molly flirts with you,take advantage of it and be her prince charming(don't let her get away)
boy 1:damn did you hear what molly did with that guy last week?
boy 2:yeah he is so lucky
boy 1:she is so beautiful

boy 2:no she is HOT
by boobiesareamazing December 13, 2010
Fuckin awesome
"wow, that molly"
"she's fuckin awesome!"
by youwish! January 09, 2012
A very beautiful, that should go out with a Casey. Very athletic and has a very anoying brother. She likes one of there friends auntie and the auntie likes them back!
Wow she is such a Molly!
by nattherealtionshipmaker December 06, 2011
Way better than Kyle.
Person 1: Kyle is so cool.

Person 2: Yeah, but he's nothing compared to Molly.
by fksdjnfjasld July 07, 2011
- You poped that molly yesterday?
- Yeah it was tight as fuck
by swagboyjr June 26, 2014
an amazing person who is very smart and is loved by everyone. she is an over achiever but guys love herr!!!! she is a gorgeous girl with small boobs, but she is still sexxy(:
damn, thats definetly a molly!!
by hottie2211(: October 17, 2011
Molly is a misunderstood person, that is over looked by everyone. Molly's are really nice and people take advantage of that to pick on them and call them fat. These name callings bring down her self-esteem and make her uncertain about everything. Molly's are sad really easy or cry really easy. Molly's think there not beautiful no matter how many times someone tell her that she is.
Person 1: Yo Molly you fat skank, why don't you do us a favour and die!

Person 1's friends: *snicker and laugh*
by DaRandomPerson5 July 23, 2011

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