Adjective meaning sexy yet brash
Did you see that chick acting Molly? I couldn't believe she ripped her shirt off to use as kindling for the fire.
by brashrunner17 September 04, 2011
Blonde, who sometimes is alittle dumb but really fun to hang out with . Afraid to make any Commitments , but a fun girl to party with.
Dude: I wonder if that girl is a Molly?
by flabbergas August 21, 2011
Molly is a misunderstood person, that is over looked by everyone. Molly's are really nice and people take advantage of that to pick on them and call them fat. These name callings bring down her self-esteem and make her uncertain about everything. Molly's are sad really easy or cry really easy. Molly's think there not beautiful no matter how many times someone tell her that she is.
Person 1: Yo Molly you fat skank, why don't you do us a favour and die!

Person 1's friends: *snicker and laugh*
by DaRandomPerson5 July 23, 2011
Amazing, cute, beautiful, gorgeous and someone that makes you very happy. She is always there for you when your unhappy and will do anything to make you laugh. She is very athletic and when you look into her eyes all you can see is nothing but pure love. She is such a blonde and even though she is brunnette she has the personallity of a blonde. When you see her for the first time and when she gives you that one look you just know she is the one.
by tuka_bear July 08, 2011
Usually a beautiful girl who is full of energy and charisma. Loves stylish hair on guys. Can't keep away from a man with tight clothing groping their junk (For some reason?). Constantly tans even though if she was any darker she'd be black. Constantly works out even though she already looks great.

Can't rap for shit, but still tries her hardest!
Do you see that Molly over there? I want some of that!
by austkl1 June 16, 2011
A very beautiful teenager. she doesnt do amazing in school but she has amazing friends and boys love her. she tends to be obnoxious, loud, and very sarcastic. her parents are divorced and she has a very rude sister. she has freckles and is a definate ginger. shes pretty damn amazing.
person 1: wanna go to a party tonight?

person 2: no id rather hangout with molly.
by cripyfarts123 May 22, 2011
Pure MDMA cut with mephadrone, or sometimes mephadrone cut with MDMA. Imagine the best feeling you've ever felt and multiply it by twenty; that's Molly. She's like the love child of coke and ecstasy, and she's one seductive bitch. Don't ever fuck with her, because you might never stop.
Bonnie: Where's your couch?
Clyde: Homeboy sold it to buy Molly.

We just snorted two grams of molly in one sitting . . . :)

That fucking bitch. Because of her I've lost two days and my entire paycheck. I hate her, but I love her.
by TheLastOutlaw October 28, 2010

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