To gallivant. Alternatively, one given to a tendency to gallivant.
Instead of getting work done in her cubicle, my colleague is probably Mollying about somewhere on the 4th floor.

by bondhub February 04, 2009
A girl whose name stands for the purest form of MDMA

Is a derivative of Jeffrey Dahmer and spiderman, therefore sprouts herself into a batcat each halloween. Nice girl. Loyal, but doesn't take shit. Way too politically involved for her own good. Sister is usually a radical biotech , or a nice young lady.
Molly: enters a building
Person: a Molly is near..O.o
by Thisisnotagnesmcginnis August 18, 2013
A beautiful blonde. She is very smart but sometimes has trouble applying herself. She falls in love easily, and has a boy who loves her. Her parents are wrapped around her finger and she lives in a big house with a pool. She loves her friends and God.
I wish I was a Molly.
by charliedadoggy February 02, 2013
She is a funny, caring girl. She has a habit of being retarded. But I love her. <3
Molly Grace Mills
by xx.whoyouare.xx November 16, 2011
That super sporty girl that everyone wants to be friends with, until she hurts them. Even after that they can't help running back to her because she makes everyone feel good right before she rips them apart. Molly is that bitch you love.
GRL 1: God im so pissed at molly im never going 2 talk 2 her again!!!


(1 wk later)

GRL 1: OMG i luv molly shes the nicest grl evrrr!!!

GRL 2: WTF u just said u hated her!!!!!!!!
by Lala211 September 10, 2011
Adjective meaning sexy yet brash
Did you see that chick acting Molly? I couldn't believe she ripped her shirt off to use as kindling for the fire.
by brashrunner17 September 04, 2011
Blonde, who sometimes is alittle dumb but really fun to hang out with . Afraid to make any Commitments , but a fun girl to party with.
Dude: I wonder if that girl is a Molly?
by flabbergas August 21, 2011

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