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That super sporty girl that everyone wants to be friends with, until she hurts them. Even after that they can't help running back to her because she makes everyone feel good right before she rips them apart. Molly is that bitch you love.
GRL 1: God im so pissed at molly im never going 2 talk 2 her again!!!


(1 wk later)

GRL 1: OMG i luv molly shes the nicest grl evrrr!!!

GRL 2: WTF u just said u hated her!!!!!!!!
by Lala211 September 10, 2011
Blonde, who sometimes is alittle dumb but really fun to hang out with . Afraid to make any Commitments , but a fun girl to party with.
Dude: I wonder if that girl is a Molly?
by flabbergas August 21, 2011
JAP in the purest of forms.
Her dad buys her EVERYTHING.
I know, she's a Molly..
by britneyspears387439 July 29, 2011
Usually a beautiful girl who is full of energy and charisma. Loves stylish hair on guys. Can't keep away from a man with tight clothing groping their junk (For some reason?). Constantly tans even though if she was any darker she'd be black. Constantly works out even though she already looks great.

Can't rap for shit, but still tries her hardest!
Do you see that Molly over there? I want some of that!
by austkl1 June 16, 2011
A 2 day party
Kam: Dude theres gonna be a sick molly this weekend you should come.

Chad: Any chicks at this molly?
by schrankinstein4 April 22, 2009
a funny girl with two bitch sisters who are younger then her. She hates alot of people and can usually be found in front of a mirror. She has high confidence but thats what makes her shine. She is always there for you even though people aren't always there for her. Every Molly loves a good youtube video, so post one on her wall.
That molly has two bitch sisters!
by Joey poma May 28, 2012
A very beautiful, that should go out with a Casey. Very athletic and has a very anoying brother. She likes one of there friends auntie and the auntie likes them back!
Wow she is such a Molly!
by nattherealtionshipmaker December 06, 2011