Confusing but fascinating girl. It takes a special person to understand her, as she doesnt even understand herself. At times she likes to press the self-distruct button, but despite her own problems she likes to make sure everyone around her is ok. She is beautiful inside and out even though she may not know it. At her work place she is happy and has found a colleque to confind in, a friend for life. boys find Molly very atractive but also intimidating.
Dude 1: i was with molly last night
Dude 2: really? how was it?
Dude 1: Scary, but beautiful
by comeprehendy1 December 29, 2011
A very beautiful girl, thought of as perfect and awesome. She knows where her priorities lie. She is a hard worker, but still has fun with the work, and fun to be around. She is athletic and is loved by many and gets along with everyone. She is a great listener, you could go to her anytime for anything. At times she doesn't see her self as beautiful on the outside. But she always knows that she is beautiful within.
That girl is so Molly.
by Vanilla Gangster October 09, 2010
A blonde/brunette who is very talkative, can be shy at first but when you get to know her...BOOM.
Molly's are very loving but get attached easy and are usually looking for someone to settle down with.
They are intelligent in some things and like to have FUN...Oh and did i mention they are perfect...everyone should be called Molly end of.
OH and its also a dogs name.
girl 1:"WOW! She is perfect..."
girl 2:"YEAH! She must be a Molly!"
girl 1:"i want to be called Molly!"
girl 2:"my dogs called Molly..."
*awkward silence*
by Glen Coco's Bitch March 05, 2013
Just plain amazing
Woooww it that a Molly, she is beautiful
by xsnnnnnnndcbnmbvjgfdcn March 30, 2011
- You poped that molly yesterday?
- Yeah it was tight as fuck
by swagboyjr June 26, 2014
a molly is usually a very beautiful girl who gets sad easily she is fun to be around has an amazing body and if you play your cards right she usually lets you see it,she is hyper a lot and is constantly making weird noises and saying weird stuff she will put out if your lucky. mollys usually have things for bad boys. don't be surprised it you find he smoking with them. a molly usually loves her friends and family but she couldn't live without guys. if a molly flirts with you,take advantage of it and be her prince charming(don't let her get away)
boy 1:damn did you hear what molly did with that guy last week?
boy 2:yeah he is so lucky
boy 1:she is so beautiful

boy 2:no she is HOT
by boobiesareamazing December 13, 2010
Molly is someone who is bright and always kind and generous! She cares about her friends and family. Along with that, Molly's are usually very girly. Also, many Molly's have clear and perfect skin along with goregeous hair. A Molly's smile can send everyone head over heels for her. Is very atheletic and has a skinny body to prove it. Most common sports a Mollly plays is gymnastics, cheerleading, or basketball. Can get sad easily and a Molly will need a shoulder to cry on. Usually is a good dancer, but sometimes its the complete opposite! Usually has Blonde or Red hair.
Boy 1: Hey, you see that Molly?

Boy 2: Hell ya! shes a hottie...
by SanFranciscoLover104 February 08, 2010

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