an amazing person who is very smart and is loved by everyone. she is an over achiever but guys love herr!!!! she is a gorgeous girl with small boobs, but she is still sexxy(:
damn, thats definetly a molly!!
by hottie2211(: October 17, 2011
Way better than Kyle.
Person 1: Kyle is so cool.

Person 2: Yeah, but he's nothing compared to Molly.
by fksdjnfjasld July 07, 2011
raw sex
me and my girl did it molly style last night
by !!!iLOVEcheese!!! December 13, 2010
A cat that is owned by Matt and will most likely run away unless you fit her with some concrete shoes or tie her to a pole or cut her feet off and also if she runs away she will never come back and is probably dead.
Daniel: wheres your cat "Molly"?

Matt: she ran away

Daniel: forgot the concrete shoes ayy

Everyone: laugh hahahahahaha
by dancool37 September 04, 2013
That super sporty girl that everyone wants to be friends with, until she hurts them. Even after that they can't help running back to her because she makes everyone feel good right before she rips them apart. Molly is that bitch you love.
GRL 1: God im so pissed at molly im never going 2 talk 2 her again!!!


(1 wk later)

GRL 1: OMG i luv molly shes the nicest grl evrrr!!!

GRL 2: WTF u just said u hated her!!!!!!!!
by Lala211 September 10, 2011
Blonde, who sometimes is alittle dumb but really fun to hang out with . Afraid to make any Commitments , but a fun girl to party with.
Dude: I wonder if that girl is a Molly?
by flabbergas August 21, 2011
JAP in the purest of forms.
Her dad buys her EVERYTHING.
I know, she's a Molly..
by britneyspears387439 July 29, 2011

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