A magical song that makes Nightblue3 have magical skills that rival Fakers and is chanted like this ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ MOLLY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ,Molly was at first rejected by Nightblue but then he accepted the way of the Molly and is now TSM's jungle sub.It is unknown what the affects of Molly are on people other than Nightblue.
Nightblue got a 2v5 pentakill when he was blasting Molly
by Warden117 February 14, 2014
Extremely Hilarious person. Very good listener. Loves melted cheese sandwhiches.
ahhh molly you make me laugh! but wait listen to my problems over melted cheese sandwhiches.
by nicenicenicenicenice February 06, 2008
Molly has the most beautiful red hair. Molly is athletic, smart, funny, compassionate, charismatic, sarcastic, and effortlessly beautiful. Molly is not someone who is easily pressured, she is stubborn and pessimistic. Molly is humble about her athleticism and intelligence, often playing accomplishments off as luck or accidents. Molly is chronically lazy and critical both of herself and her friends.
Molly Ringwald is an example of a Molly.
by GHoMM September 28, 2014
Probably the best drug ever.
My Molly gives me them Superhero Legs.
by jinxy bear January 08, 2015
The tiny lesbian that u want to slap th shit out of
I want to slap that molly
by TheGuyYouGoToWhenYourDrunk April 15, 2015
Molly is an amazing, beautiful girl with blonde hair. She always seems happy, but is sad on the inside. She is so freakin hot, but guys don't usually fall for her. She is shy around most people, but is funny and crazy around her closest friends. She is very trustworthy, but she is never sure who her true friends are. She is super smart and nice to everyone. If you don't already have a Molly, become her friend right away. You are all missing out on her amazingness.
Girl 1- OMG there's the new girl. She's so nice and beautiful!
Girl 2- You're totally right. That new girl Molly is amazing.

Guy 1- Damn, who is that girl. She's so quiet, but cute
Guy 2- Dude, that's Molly. Go and ask her out.
Guy 1- No way, she's too quiet.
by Ppmmmppppmm June 04, 2013
Molly is a little bit of a bitch, usually fairly ugly.
She seems smart but she's really not. All her 'friends' actually hate her, try to convince her they don't but molly is always supicious of being hated and very self conscious. Eyebrows off point.
Mary: oh who's that?
Sarah: oh that's Molly, we hate her by the way
Molly: *sits down beside them*
Sarah: oh Mary meet my best friend molly!
by ABCGUY April 15, 2015

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