A girl that may seem sort of shy at first, but you just have to get to know her. She has lovely blue eyes, long brown hair, and a personality like no other. She will make you like her some way or another. She would never dare to hurt you, and always trys to see the best in people! She's sweet, kind, honest, funny, stylish, and just plain unique. I've liked her ever since the 3rd grade, and I'm a sophomore now, when she looks at you with those big blue eyes of hers, well there's no turning back! She's innocent but daring and mysterious at the same time. Everyone I can think of likes her because she's herself and doesn't try to be anyone else. Anyone would be lucky to have her, I'm just lucky enough to be her friend. I truly hope that everyone out there could meet a Molly like this(:
"Are you okay, it looked like you were crying earlier?"-Allie
"Yeah I'm fine, Molly talked to me(:"-Kendra
by ForeverYours<33 January 21, 2011
Adjective meaning sexy yet brash
Did you see that chick acting Molly? I couldn't believe she ripped her shirt off to use as kindling for the fire.
by brashrunner17 September 04, 2011
Amazing, cute, beautiful, gorgeous and someone that makes you very happy. She is always there for you when your unhappy and will do anything to make you laugh. She is very athletic and when you look into her eyes all you can see is nothing but pure love. She is such a blonde and even though she is brunnette she has the personallity of a blonde. When you see her for the first time and when she gives you that one look you just know she is the one.
by tuka_bear July 08, 2011
A very tasty candy that can be eaten or shoved up the nostrils to give an individual a "sugar rush".
Dad: Hey son want some molly?
Son: why gee thanks dad!
Dad: have a great day and dont tell your mother!
by Zachy G August 22, 2013
A beautiful blonde. She is very smart but sometimes has trouble applying herself. She falls in love easily, and has a boy who loves her. Her parents are wrapped around her finger and she lives in a big house with a pool. She loves her friends and God.
I wish I was a Molly.
by charliedadoggy February 02, 2013
Fuckin awesome
"wow, that molly"
"she's fuckin awesome!"
by youwish! January 09, 2012
Eating 51 percent or more of any dish at a restaurant and then sending it back.
Regina pulled a molly with the fish after she ate most of it.
by Matthew Douglas December 27, 2011

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