Girl who is completely tired of being treated like shit.
Damn that girl done pulled a Molly and told that jack ass off. good for her.
by Daydrem August 30, 2011
An awesome adorable person who cares for others and is a great friend
Oh here comes Molly
, stay cool
by Momo monkey April 07, 2015
Molly is that type of girl that doesn't give a fuck about anything you say. She laughs at the worst moments or at the moments you're not even supposed to laugh at. e.g. when someone falls off a cliff.

She is funny and a very, very, very, very and I almost forgot.. very, very, very psychopathic girl. She likes to chew on gum. She is brunette.
Girl: Oh hey, look at that Molly!
Girl 2. Oh yeah. Let's go over to her and see what she's up to.
by Marcelinka0099 December 09, 2015
Molly's are very dramatic and overemotional people. They're usually on one side of the extreme. When they're happy, they're really happy. When they're sad, they're really sad. When they like something or someone they become obsessed and focused. Molly's tend to be very social, always making new friends and acquaintances. But Molly's only form deep connections with a few close friends. Molly's are always really pretty without even trying, and all the boys AND girls fawn over them.
That's Molly, all the boys and girls are flocking towards her charming, flirty, and magnetic personality!
by 22ihavenoname22 September 25, 2015
Molly: the sweetest person you will ever meet. She has a hot body and the best ass ever. You can trust Molly with all your secrets and if you ever need to talk, she's there. Molly is one of the smartest kids and will always beat you on tests. She is hilarious and its so hard to take her seriously. Everyone needs a Molly
molly is hot af
by sasharoach_11 June 11, 2015
You think you can snort her, but you can't because she's a real person with real emotions and real wants.
Steve, please stop trying to snort molly, she's feeling uncomfortable with this whole little scenario

Steve: Oh shit, got lost in the molly hype, she's so damn zesty I couldn't resist.

Steve...I've been there molly is irresistibly awesome possum
by mcdodle February 20, 2015
Extremely Hilarious person. Very good listener. Loves melted cheese sandwhiches.
ahhh molly you make me laugh! but wait listen to my problems over melted cheese sandwhiches.
by nicenicenicenicenice February 06, 2008

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