A gorgeous girl who is awesome to be around and one of the kindest, prettiest people you will ever meet.
Look at that Molly! She is SO phenomenal. I wish I was her.
by Got it February 24, 2015
You think you can snort her, but you can't because she's a real person with real emotions and real wants.
Steve, please stop trying to snort molly, she's feeling uncomfortable with this whole little scenario

Steve: Oh shit, got lost in the molly hype, she's so damn zesty I couldn't resist.

Steve...I've been there molly is irresistibly awesome possum
by mcdodle February 20, 2015
Its a name
Molly Name
by madalyin January 28, 2014
A sweet innocent blonde with freckles and blue eyes. She's just adorable! One of the most caring people you'll ever meet! Hilarious when you get understand her sense of humor! A little bit of a nut job....in the most funny way!! Very intelligent and super good at baking! You just have to love her!
"Wow these cookies are amazing"

"They must have been made by a Molly!"
by Anonymusxoxox December 14, 2013
This girl is such a beautiful person. She's positive and loves the ocean. She needs to learn to love herself before anyone else. Usually has long blonde or brown hair, long legs and a killer figure. She trusts easily and has had her heart played with too much. She is very mature and grown up. Such a misunderstood person and loves animals. There is always one person she's texting, always a boy- She's also very flirty. All very innocent, and usually doesn't agree with touching and has modest backgrounds. Possibly very religious. Her eyes are amazing, and she loves to sleep.

Molly is all round an amazing wonderful person to have in your life. She loves late night talks and always loves surprises. If you find a Molly, don't let her go.
Friend 1- Hey I heard you're messing with Molly
Friend 2- Yeah she's pretty cool. Don't know where it'll go though.
Friend 1- Just don't do anything stupid
Friend 2- Yeah yeah she's amazing Im not a dickhead
by lonelyhour September 13, 2014
Molly is a truly beautiful person you can always have a swell time with. She is unbelievably sexy and a smart ass bitch! If you hit on a Molly your gonna be trippin and full of love cause she is full of love. She also is really funny, honest and caring! Make sure you have a Molly in your lives, folks.
Cheers to you, Molly!
by Moloca April 20, 2015
The girl who's insecure over nothing, and is always honest about how she feels. If she has an opinion she'll share it. She's a determined, obsessive, perfectionist, who sometimes gets caught up in one person or task for a long time. Molly is funny, and social in her own quirky way. She's willing to listen to other's opinions. She's loyal and loves to gossip. Molly is a great friend to have.
Molly won't stop talking about him. Send the CIA
by MOA-SQUI-TOE February 01, 2015

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