An amazing girl. She gets aggressive fast and people tend to be scared of her. She stays loyal in relationships. She's sweet and caring but gets very violent so try to stay on her good side. You'll know if she hates you she'll let you know loud and clear. She always smiles especially before she gets in a fight. Her feelings can get easily but she won't show it or cry in front of anyone. If she's upset you will be able to tell she will zone out a lot.
Person: Molly is such a bitch
Molly: keep talking shit and I'll bury you alive
Person: shut up bitch
Molly: (there are no words at this point the person is going to the hospital...)

Friend: Molly are you okay?
Friend: Molly?
Molly: huh? Yeah I'm fine...
by strawberrysunshine February 13, 2015
Its a name
Molly Name
by madalyin January 28, 2014
Used to refer to MDMA, but now refers to a variety of MDxx chemicals combined with a low dose of 2C-I(although not to all MDxx). Molly refers to MDxx which turns purple during a Marquis regent test. The low dose of 2C-I is usually added because 2C-I's a strong clean safe stimulant at low doses (usually because with the exception of MDMA, all MDxx class of compounds have less stimulant effects). Molly has euphoric effects that affects norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine. It's usually found in the form of crystals, in ecstasy pills, and in powdered form in capsules. Molly and safrole are becoming rarer and rarer.
Dude 1:Where's the molly.
*ten years later*
Dude 1:Yes! Finally! I finally got the molly! This rave is rolling!
by CognitiveFuel September 24, 2013
You think you can snort her, but you can't because she's a real person with real emotions and real wants.
Steve, please stop trying to snort molly, she's feeling uncomfortable with this whole little scenario

Steve: Oh shit, got lost in the molly hype, she's so damn zesty I couldn't resist.

Steve...I've been there molly is irresistibly awesome possum
by mcdodle February 20, 2015
A sweet innocent blonde with freckles and blue eyes. She's just adorable! One of the most caring people you'll ever meet! Hilarious when you get understand her sense of humor! A little bit of a nut the most funny way!! Very intelligent and super good at baking! You just have to love her!
"Wow these cookies are amazing"

"They must have been made by a Molly!"
by Anonymusxoxox December 14, 2013
Probably the best drug ever.
My Molly gives me them Superhero Legs.
by jinxy bear January 08, 2015
Molly has the most beautiful red hair. Molly is athletic, smart, funny, compassionate, charismatic, sarcastic, and effortlessly beautiful. Molly is not someone who is easily pressured, she is stubborn and pessimistic. Molly is humble about her athleticism and intelligence, often playing accomplishments off as luck or accidents. Molly is chronically lazy and critical both of herself and her friends.
Molly Ringwald is an example of a Molly.
by GHoMM September 28, 2014

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