Molly is a truly beautiful person you can always have a swell time with. She is unbelievably sexy and a smart ass bitch! If you hit on a Molly your gonna be trippin and full of love cause she is full of love. She also is really funny, honest and caring! Make sure you have a Molly in your lives, folks.
Cheers to you, Molly!
by Moloca April 20, 2015
Molly is amazing. She's thinks she's ugly. But she isn't. She is probably one of the most beautiful people you will ever meet. Her hair and face may not be perfect, but her flawless beauty is skin deep. She will help you when you need her most. She will trust and care for you. She is a well-rounded individual with a little competitive spirit. Once you see her don't let her go. Become friends with her. Heck, you might even want to go out with this Molly! Just remember, when you find her, don't let her out if your life.
Person one: wow that girl is amazing. And beautiful too.

Person two: must be a Molly
by Awesomesaucer1999 March 13, 2015
A Molly is an old friend. She is the kind of person who stays around for a while. Molly will grace you with her wit and charm for years. This old friend has the darkest brown eyes you have ever seen. They are so dark they starkly contrast the white around the iris. A Molly is very down to earth and chill. She does not like to think she is better then anyone else. She probably actually thinks that she is worse then everyone else. All Molly's have a fantastic smile that they love to show off. A Molly does not usually get her feelings hurt or at least she does not show it. Molly is outgoing on the outside but she gets shy when it gets personal. Sometimes a Molly has commitment issues. You can't get mad at her though cause she is just being cautious. Molly is snarky yet beautiful. Molly is funny. Molly is the best. Molly is perfect.
Kidatschool: Do you remember that girl Molly?
Kidatschool2: Yeah she was amazing!
Kidatschool: I miss her so much!
Kidatschool2: Me too!
by Laekwi March 04, 2015
A gorgeous girl who is awesome to be around and one of the kindest, prettiest people you will ever meet.
Look at that Molly! She is SO phenomenal. I wish I was her.
by Got it February 24, 2015
Molly is a female who is both intelligent and sexy.
A molly is often referred to as fit A molly will often be attractive
by Mc2613 January 20, 2015
People say molly is gorgeous but she doesn't believe any of them. Molly is smart and fit and loves to eat healthy foods. She is not good at maths but loves the arts , including music and drama. Molly has brown hair and dark brown eyes . She has olive skin and is quite tall . Molly has no self confidence and thinks of herself as fat and unneeded . Molly battles with anxiety and has mild depression , her depression occurs because of her past . Mollys favourite food is fruit and she loves a good cup of chai tea morning or night. Molly is a passionate dancer , actor and singer she comes from a backround of dancers and performers , so dancings in her blood. Molly is always comparing herself to others, she never sees herself as perfect. Molly gets nervous around her friends and starts acting hyper and crazy. You can tell when she's sad , she doesn't talk much. Molly is popular with lots of friends but she tends to find none of the boys asking her out. You will find that molly doesn't like expressing her true feelings and hardly ever tells anyone who she likes, molly likes one boy but he will never notice her.

Mollys also a bit weird.
Sara: mollys so weird
James: she is a bit
Cameron:i think she's gorgeous

Millie: yeah!
by Margoklehmann April 01, 2015
An amazing girl. She gets aggressive fast and people tend to be scared of her. She stays loyal in relationships. She's sweet and caring but gets very violent so try to stay on her good side. You'll know if she hates you she'll let you know loud and clear. She always smiles especially before she gets in a fight. Her feelings can get easily but she won't show it or cry in front of anyone. If she's upset you will be able to tell she will zone out a lot.
Person: Molly is such a bitch
Molly: keep talking shit and I'll bury you alive
Person: shut up bitch
Molly: (there are no words at this point the person is going to the hospital...)

Friend: Molly are you okay?
Friend: Molly?
Molly: huh? Yeah I'm fine...
by strawberrysunshine February 13, 2015

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