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A girl who has the Kindest personality and is a fabulous friend. Anyone would be lucky to be friends with Molly. She is Beautiful, extremely pretty although she doesn't believe it. All her friends tell her but she doesn't know it. Molly is popular and always has a smile on her face. Molly's are the perfect type of person.
"What would i do without molly?"

"Molly is Fabulous"
by Swaggerfive February 09, 2013
A very beautiful girl that many guys don't have the balls to ask out she is smart popular but thinks very low of herslef and if any molly were to read this they would know that they are truly beautiful remarkable smart kind girl and should not listen to any loser who is just jealous of you
Dylan: Wow chase is a real jerk to Molly
Other people that I don't want to name: yea I know
Person i am not naming: yea i am going to ask her out

3 weeks later..........
David: holy shit your going out with her
Joey: yea i am

Note: these may or may not be real people
by The woodbury anonymous June 04, 2011
Bratty rude blond who will stab you in the back every chance she gets. If you ever see her, run the opposite direction.
Molly: will you come sit with me
Zeke: *runs the other way*
by Ean green May 14, 2014
Girl who is completely tired of being treated like shit.
Damn that girl done pulled a Molly and told that jack ass off. good for her.
by Daydrem August 30, 2011
Molly is an amazing, beautiful girl with blonde hair. She always seems happy, but is sad on the inside. She is so freakin hot, but guys don't usually fall for her. She is shy around most people, but is funny and crazy around her closest friends. She is very trustworthy, but she is never sure who her true friends are. She is super smart and nice to everyone. If you don't already have a Molly, become her friend right away. You are all missing out on her amazingness.
Girl 1- OMG there's the new girl. She's so nice and beautiful!
Girl 2- You're totally right. That new girl Molly is amazing.

Guy 1- Damn, who is that girl. She's so quiet, but cute
Guy 2- Dude, that's Molly. Go and ask her out.
Guy 1- No way, she's too quiet.
by Ppmmmppppmm June 04, 2013
An Angel who doesn't realize it yet.

Molly is focused, hard working, driven. Yet, at the same time, she is compassionate, loving, generous and forgiving. These qualities rarely coexist in the same person. She is utterly, genuinely and sincerely a gift from God.

A person with the name Molly is tall, with brown angel eyes and reddish/brown hair. She is beautiful and loving. She likes to cuddle, snuggle, spoon, and fall asleep while watching movies.

Ed: Hey Corkie, how do you feel when you're around your gf Molly?

Corkie: Well Ed, I can only describe it as follows:

Whenever she crosses paths with someone, they are compelled to feel and say the following

"The thought of you makes my heart flutter, puts a smile on my face, and a skip in my step. Your presence brightens the dullest occasion, the cloudiest day, the darkest night! Your voice is like a thousand angels beckoning me from above,.
You, all of you, is what makes me smile and realize how lucky I am to have you in my life, and how fortunate the world is to have such a wonderful, incredible person in it's presence!"


I love you
I need you
I want you
I miss you
by Corkie823 May 02, 2010
she is positively beautiful even though she doesn't realize it. her blue eyes are beautifully shaped and have gold near the center. her brown hair has streaks of gold in the summer. even though molly always has a smile on her face and is laughing, she is brokenhearted on the inside. i broke up with a molly once and even though i'm young it was the biggest mistake i've made. i still love her but she doesn't realize it. she generally plays soccer and has a lot of friends. she isn't girly, but she still loves fashion.
if you meet a girl named molly who fits this description, tell her that she is BEAUTIFUL.
person 1: i feel awful..
person 2: why?
person 1: i can't get over molly, she's so incredibly beautiful.
by a boy who misses HER. August 18, 2011