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another name for ecstasy, pure kind and fucking brilliant
"On that molly last night, so spaced and happy!"
by yoyoyoyoyoyeah April 15, 2010
2030 2301
What you call a girl who has meaty thighs and is average looking.
Guy 1- Damn yo, check out her.
Guy 2- Yeah but look at that molly next to her. She needs a thigh master
by J House May 02, 2007
55 339
a very beautiful girl who guys find really attractive but are scared to ask out. has really cool clothes, and is a very nice person. has alot of animals ,and also has a thing for bad boys. any guy would be lucky enough to have a Molly.
dude1: wow look at that girl
dude2: yeah thats molly
dude1: man, i could never get a girl like her
dude2: her beauty is blinding
by spiderzebra August 22, 2009
1340 1721
Molly is not pure ecstacy. It's not even an amphetamine. It is the synthetic designer drug 3-Trifluoromethylphenylpiper-azine Monohydrochloride or TFMPP for short. One way to find out if the little bit of "molly" you just bought is real is to try and squash all the powder together. If it sticks together it's fake, but if it all crumbles back into dust than their is a good chance it's real.
after i ate that molly , their was nothing left to do but smile...smile...smile...
by STEAL YOUR FACE April 13, 2006
1670 2107
An intelligent and articulate girl. Molly's are known to be over-achievers who often harbor kinky bedroom habits.
No Molly, you wear the handcuffs this time.
by glamour May 07, 2008
1773 2290
A drug slang term used to describe the purest form of MDMA one can possibly obtain: clean white or off-white powder.
It is the real deal, not what you will usually recieve in a common E pill on the streets these days which typically contain other substances in addition to MDMA. This is a cheap and profitable technique for drug dealers to make money.
Will snorted two bumps of molly, he was in the zone.

Ashley Swallowed a capsule of molly last night.
by d.roc December 29, 2006
4156 5178
a very beautiful girl, also thought of as perfect, very athletic, and fun to be around, she is smart, and is loved by many, she has low-self confidence, but doesn't realize that people think very highly of her, she is amazing in every way, and has a bitch for a sister
person 1: that girls lucky shes a molly

person 2: yeah but her sisters a bitch
by aaron23 June 09, 2008
5008 6369