The Gobbiest Person you will ever meet. Lives on a diet of Wispas whilst living in the attic of a person who the Molly will take as her idol. The Molly does not enjoy walking, and instead tends to roll everywhere making spectacular entrances. Her name is famous from the singing warm-up song named, 'Gobby Molly'.
Girl 1: Who's that rolling on the floor?
Girl 2: Oh just ignore her. She is a Molly.
by Mollythehouseelf September 07, 2011
Bitch. thinks she is awesome.typical sorority girl and thinks she is way cooler than she is. Best friends with the prettiest girls but may not always be as pretty as them. Not athletic at all and tends to eat lots of chocolate. Thinks her sister is the devil.
Woah look at those girls with Molly!
by McRoberts April 17, 2011
Bratty rude blond who will stab you in the back every chance she gets. If you ever see her, run the opposite direction.
Molly: will you come sit with me
Zeke: *runs the other way*
by Ean green May 14, 2014
May seem like your bestfriend at times but in reality is the biggest dick sucking hoe you will ever meet
Guy 1: yo you know that girl molly?
Guy 2: yeah what about her?
Guy 1:she gave me a blow job!!
Guy 2:me to!!!
Guy 1:what a slut!!!
Guy 2: i know!!!!
by victurtle1119 July 06, 2011
molly is usually a gril who loves getting things sprayed on her face and will do anything for it.

usually an average swimmer. thinks shes funny but in reality shes just a complete waste of space.
when it comes to eating molly has very bad habbits of putting other people off their food in the disgusting ways she inhales her food.
guy one- "ew look at that girl eating, you'd think she was hungry"
guy two- "yeah thats molly, she always eats like that, doesnt even chew"
guy one- "yeah i heard food isnt the only thing she inhales, if you know what i mean"
by 123popgoesthewheisle June 17, 2013
When you meet a molly you shall give her a big hug. Because you have just found your best friend! Molly's are as beatiful as a sea queen and has the most grogeous eyes but watch out because she also has a look that can kill. she is a sweet girl that people seem to overlook at first because she is so shy, but never underestimate the powers of a molly. Sexy men are often attracted to mollys but mollys prefer to go for the annoying red headed guys like Kraig's. Molly's are the best kind of best friends. She is a good listener and has a heart of gold. We all love our Mollys.
(Girl-) Did you see molly yesterday enchanting those girgeous men?
(Girl 2-)YES! she looked like a sea godess.
by onabannona April 16, 2010
A chipmunk looking girl. Who holds her bangs in every fucking picture. &&Usually has cup holders for love handles.
Takes dumb pictures,constantly.
An ugly girl,usually is referred to as Molly.
by ballefolife. August 14, 2011
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