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molly means an asian who eats cats for breakfast and lunch, sometimes supper. it also means that you are poor and skanky..
person one: god dammit, theres that molly again..

person two: shes so... skanky, with her asian ways.

person three: i heard she eats cats..
by bowchickawowwow1 July 01, 2009
Adjective derived from country slang, used to describe things as being dirty or foggy.
Sheika: Damn baby! Why are your windows so damn molly?!
by cityhay January 26, 2008
hump n dump victim by numerous men
awh, she got mollied

lets molly her
by Jody Bohenkamp August 14, 2008
In Renaissance England, the Molly was a homosexual who frequented one or more Molly Houses (homosexual gathering places and brothels). The molly is distinguished from the earlier sodomite much as the 'queer' of today claims a distinct identity from the 'invert' of freud's writings.
Hey dude, mollys threw down.
by Renzo in the Benzo March 05, 2006
a girl with a HUGE NOSE!!!!
hey look at that unbrella i mean Molly.
by tvman590 July 05, 2009
Noun. term used to describe a hot chick. Usually a girl in her twenties. Different than a woman in her thirties which is a cougar.
Luis: Hey Rob, check out that Molly by the bar.

Rob: Dude, she's bangin'.
by Suavemente August 09, 2007
A regional term for a young person who dresses very unfashionably. Used mainly in North East England, and does not apply to older people.
Man A: Hmm, what do you think of her then?
Man B: Yoinks, she's dresses a bit Molly for my taste.....
by stu-rob-billy-bob October 18, 2006