Blonde, who sometimes is alittle dumb but really fun to hang out with . Afraid to make any Commitments , but a fun girl to party with.
Dude: I wonder if that girl is a Molly?
#blonde #party #tall #pretty #kind
by flabbergas August 21, 2011
Usually a beautiful girl who is full of energy and charisma. Loves stylish hair on guys. Can't keep away from a man with tight clothing groping their junk (For some reason?). Constantly tans even though if she was any darker she'd be black. Constantly works out even though she already looks great.

Can't rap for shit, but still tries her hardest!
Do you see that Molly over there? I want some of that!
#fun #fine #sexy #cute #adorable
by austkl1 June 16, 2011
A very beautiful teenager. she doesnt do amazing in school but she has amazing friends and boys love her. she tends to be obnoxious, loud, and very sarcastic. her parents are divorced and she has a very rude sister. she has freckles and is a definate ginger. shes pretty damn amazing.
person 1: wanna go to a party tonight?

person 2: no id rather hangout with molly.
#sexy #beautiful #amazing #attractive #booty
by cripyfarts123 May 22, 2011
Typically gorgeous blonde haired blue eyed girl with a nice rack and great ass. Loves to act and is involved with singing (very talented singer). Loves to dance around and act funny. Girls are usually jealous of her talents but she doesn't let that get to her. Boys think she is gorgeous but don't necessarily date her due to being worried she will reject them. Mollys are usually very smart at both math and science but might seem a little ditzy making her even more lovable by her friends. Very artistic and musically talented and flirty.
Alex: Duuuudddeee. Check out that blonde chick. I'd tap that.

Chris: That's definitely a Molly.

Riley: I heard her sing an it was great.

Griffin: I did tap that! Twice!!!
#molly #beautiful #music #love #singer #sexy #attractive #gorgeous #pretty #actor #actress #tap #that #ass
by Tits and ass February 28, 2013
a funny girl with two bitch sisters who are younger then her. She hates alot of people and can usually be found in front of a mirror. She has high confidence but thats what makes her shine. She is always there for you even though people aren't always there for her. Every Molly loves a good youtube video, so post one on her wall.
That molly has two bitch sisters!
#youtube #bitch #younger #confidence #her
by Joey poma May 28, 2012
Eating 51 percent or more of any dish at a restaurant and then sending it back.
Regina pulled a molly with the fish after she ate most of it.
#rude #stingy #ridiculous #cheap #annoying
by Matthew Douglas December 27, 2011
She is a funny, caring girl. She has a habit of being retarded. But I love her. <3
Molly Grace Mills
#retarded #funny #caring #love #girl
by xx.whoyouare.xx November 16, 2011
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