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a beautiful curvy woman who has a large appitite in the bedroom and kitchen especially. She dresses in big shirts and sweatpants, and has beautiful dark skin and nice springy tits. She is fun loving and sometimes really boring, but very beautiful and cuddly.
James: OMG! that girl is such a molly!
Ruben: DAMN! i'd tap that big ass
by reinderman42 March 13, 2009
more often than not she's solid as a rock. she has her priorities in order with family coming first. Molly's are hard working and loyal. doesn't see herself as beautiful outside but knows her beauty lies within. she gets along with everyone, and hates biggots, and liars with a passion. Molly has many acquaintances but knows who her true friends are. She would give you her last dime, even if she knew you would never repay the favor. Call her any time of day or night, she will always be there when you need her. Loves to go out for drinks with friends whenever her busy schedule allows.
that girl is a true friend right there, she is a true Molly.
by Gi gee February 06, 2010
Hey man, can you pass me the mollies? I feel like torching that rich fucker's house.
by Mark H August 22, 2004
Molly Girls are all about change. Tie colorful shoelaces in their hair and try to look like a cross between a goth and a super bright chick. They listen to music depending on their mood, and are obsessed with making good impressions...superficial? Maybe. But who cares.
"You could tell she was a molly...shoelace bow, leg warmers on her hands, and everything."
by normana August 30, 2007
a type of girl who wears really cool sweaters.
That girl sure is a Molly! Rock on
by MHSgurrl March 14, 2007
1.This is actually not a name its an abbreviation. Molly stands for a Melodious orgasms long lasting yahoo!!

2. Also the name given to pleasure seeking sea anemones when they are taken from their sea-homes, mashed, and spread on wry toast like a sick stinky jam.
1: Last night, the hubs gave me a TOTAL Molly! I just about spontaneously combusted.

2:I had a big breakfast this morning, but my Molly was not very good. The anemones weren't horny enough for my liking.
by Ollieollieincomfrey March 25, 2008
the name for an alcoholic who falls out of bed in the morning, rarely showers, and can name the entire Del Taco menu off the top of their head

a derogatory term for a moocher. will feed off of other people's food as though it were their own

the worst roommate in the world
That girl was such a Molly she kept eating off my plate last night, and she smelled like dirty feet
by clphorses March 30, 2009