To gallivant. Alternatively, one given to a tendency to gallivant.
Instead of getting work done in her cubicle, my colleague is probably Mollying about somewhere on the 4th floor.

by bondhub February 04, 2009
- You poped that molly yesterday?
- Yeah it was tight as fuck
by swagboyjr June 26, 2014
Adjective meaning sexy yet brash
Did you see that chick acting Molly? I couldn't believe she ripped her shirt off to use as kindling for the fire.
by brashrunner17 September 04, 2011
a girl who is very hyper, likes to have fun, and is usually the coolest small fry ever. molly's are usually short, and usually have bestfriends named sarah or occasionally alyssa....or maybe even......rachel. but the best is sarah...molly's are so freaking awesome, and sometimes dance really randomly in public and scream when neccesary. molly's also like to put yoga mats on their heads and run back and forth screaming that she is a superhero or batman...either way they are amazing and they rock more than a rockstar...yeah.
holy crap! that molly over there just ran with a yoga mat on her head! and its with sarah!
by sarahlovesmolly October 21, 2009
anus cake
" I would hate to look like Molly"
"Yeah she is a total anus cake"
by turtleescapee August 29, 2014
A cat that is owned by Matt and will most likely run away unless you fit her with some concrete shoes or tie her to a pole or cut her feet off and also if she runs away she will never come back and is probably dead.
Daniel: wheres your cat "Molly"?

Matt: she ran away

Daniel: forgot the concrete shoes ayy

Everyone: laugh hahahahahaha
by dancool37 September 04, 2013
A beautiful blonde. She is very smart but sometimes has trouble applying herself. She falls in love easily, and has a boy who loves her. Her parents are wrapped around her finger and she lives in a big house with a pool. She loves her friends and God.
I wish I was a Molly.
by charliedadoggy February 02, 2013
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