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molly is usually a gril who loves getting things sprayed on her face and will do anything for it.

usually an average swimmer. thinks shes funny but in reality shes just a complete waste of space.
when it comes to eating molly has very bad habbits of putting other people off their food in the disgusting ways she inhales her food.
guy one- "ew look at that girl eating, you'd think she was hungry"
guy two- "yeah thats molly, she always eats like that, doesnt even chew"
guy one- "yeah i heard food isnt the only thing she inhales, if you know what i mean"
by 123popgoesthewheisle June 17, 2013
Absolute stunner. Classy woman that still knows how to have a good time. Usually blonde tall and thin with a great rack and butt. Life of the party with friends in the right places. Loyal and loving to a small circle. Anyone would be lucky to know a Mollly. Also known to be great in the sack.
Did you see that blonde bombshell in the VIP?

Ya she was fine.. That's a Molly for sure.
by Emmatease December 24, 2012
A totally creepy Asian chick that obsessively stalks upperclassmen that are extremely out of her league. She also wears bright blue eyeliner and bright blue eyeshadow up to her forehead. This girl is not your friend. Be aware.
Boy 1: Whoa Molly get out of here you're starting to really creep me out!
Molly: Oops! -applies more eyeshadow-
by ChickenIsGoodSoYeah December 29, 2011
May seem like your bestfriend at times but in reality is the biggest dick sucking hoe you will ever meet
Guy 1: yo you know that girl molly?
Guy 2: yeah what about her?
Guy 1:she gave me a blow job!!
Guy 2:me to!!!
Guy 1:what a slut!!!
Guy 2: i know!!!!
by victurtle1119 July 06, 2011
A fat ass motherfucker who has one friend who is a whoren e. She never goes to school because she has "family problems." She also goes to the bathroom every 10 minutes for an hour at a time.
Hey molly hasnt been in school for two weeks.

What do you expect look up her name.
by hawkeyrules14 July 11, 2011
A chipmunk looking girl. Who holds her bangs in every fucking picture. &&Usually has cup holders for love handles.
Takes dumb pictures,constantly.
An ugly girl,usually is referred to as Molly.
by ballefolife. August 14, 2011
a girl who is very hyper, likes to have fun, and is usually the coolest small fry ever. molly's are usually short, and usually have bestfriends named sarah or occasionally alyssa....or maybe even......rachel. but the best is sarah...molly's are so freaking awesome, and sometimes dance really randomly in public and scream when neccesary. molly's also like to put yoga mats on their heads and run back and forth screaming that she is a superhero or batman...either way they are amazing and they rock more than a rockstar...yeah.
holy crap! that molly over there just ran with a yoga mat on her head! and its with sarah!
by sarahlovesmolly October 21, 2009