Another examlpe of lazy black speech that illustrates they can't put the effort into even cursing correctly.
Look dat mo fo trippin on dose ho's.
by Moe Foe March 30, 2005
short for mother fucker
MJ:Cha mone Ronnie you little bitch tittie ass mo'fo
by kingpin October 17, 2004
A follower of WWE superstar John Morrison.
I'm a total MoFo.
by Jack12265478987456321 July 29, 2010
motha fucka
that guy is a straight up mofo
by crazyMOFEFFA August 26, 2008
mother fucker cock sucker
by cockydicklick May 21, 2003
A sign of respect. Not to be confused with motherfucker, which is clearly an insult.
Girl: Yo mofo, what's poppin'?
Guy: Just chattin' it up with my pet chincilla, you?
by marjrealtalk September 25, 2011

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