Phoebe Withers
Lucie White
Kathryn Williamson

Otherwise Known as the PLK
The Original Mofos©

Best friends. we have such great times together. unseperable...if anyone sees us we are usually all together. Our days our are so fun we have such laughs =), i don't think were ever going to part. Never ever. theres too much love stopping us. theres days where we don't talk & we miss each other becuase were like sisters. anything and everything we can get through together. Never have we had a massive fall out, everythings been sorted in the end. we share loves, friends, great times,. Always up for anything, even if it is getting over a fence in hoglands. we will still try =). Theres no one who can break this, we are a 3 . Just Us.
The PLK are Mofos
by PLK August 03, 2008
Abbr. for Mozilla Foundation, that exists to provide organizational, legal, and financial support for the Mozilla open-source software project known about the Firefox web browser.
Yo man, MoFo kicks fukin' ass!
by Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Schlong Dr. July 27, 2005
A man whose partner is a single mother.
Karl's joined the mofo gang now, his new girlfriend has a five-year-old.
by Hypernova August 05, 2005

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