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2 words: mother fucka
ahahah look at john hes such a gay mofo...
by ox-ashlee-xo May 13, 2006
Used in place of the term mothaf..ka.A term of endearment. Not meant to be used with malice or to harm one's character. Also, it can be used in place of the harsh term to not invoke or spark bad feelings in a group because of its use.
He's a bad mofo, getting all those props in the newspapers and magazines.
by Manchua October 01, 2005
Nickname of the law firm Morrison Foerster.
I just got a sweet job at Mofo.
by real mofo November 02, 2006
stands for Masters Of Flying Objects, a junior ultimate team for the city of winnipeg.
I'm not good enough to play on MOFO.
by EZC July 23, 2006
prettiest girl i know
"i confess my feelings for you and you call me a mofo"
"dude, mofo means prettiest girl i know. you didn't know that?"
by levihasherpes January 24, 2007
A broken or damaged computer
"Ben's laptop was mofo'd
by Cowboygeeker August 21, 2006
Phoebe Withers
Lucie White
Kathryn Williamson

Otherwise Known as the PLK
The Original Mofos©

Best friends. we have such great times together. unseperable...if anyone sees us we are usually all together. Our days our are so fun we have such laughs =), i don't think were ever going to part. Never ever. theres too much love stopping us. theres days where we don't talk & we miss each other becuase were like sisters. anything and everything we can get through together. Never have we had a massive fall out, everythings been sorted in the end. we share loves, friends, great times,. Always up for anything, even if it is getting over a fence in hoglands. we will still try =). Theres no one who can break this, we are a 3 . Just Us.
The PLK are Mofos
by PLK August 03, 2008