1. (abbr.) mother-fucker
2. (n.) One who is hard-core
Dat man is one bad-ass mofo, yo!
by k1 October 03, 2001
Of course, we call know that "mofo" is a more "polite" form of the word "motherfucker", just like the abbreviation "M.F.". "Mother" is also a substitute for that nasty word. "Mofo" is also the title of a song from the album "Pop", released by the band U2 in 1997. The song refers to Bono's mother, who died of cancer when Bono (Paul Hewson) was a teenager (Paul McCartney grew up with losing his mom in the same way). In the song Bono asks his dead mom "Mother, am I still your son?", and he asks her if she sees him on stage tonight and if she is proud of him. He does not sing the words "mofo", "motherfucker" or any related word in the lyrics. Maybe in a case of Irish humor, the song got its name as a parody of all the songs that feature the word "motherfucker" that saturated the market at the time, going on today.
1. That porno mag publisher is one sicko mofo, and he knows it, and he relishes that fact. He is proud to be an SMF.

2. When I saw U2 in concert in the spring of 1997, the 1979 classic by M called "Pop Music" was played, then came "Mofo", followed by "I Will Follow", then by several other U2 hits. Major kick ass.
by Starpunk September 20, 2007
A Japanese tease term mo-fo (MOmo FOreigners) originated in early 2013, to describe groups of foreigners hanging out in Tokyo's fashion districts (Shibuya, Harajuku), typically rude, nagging others passing by. Generally don't speak any Japanese.
Momo, in Japanese, means peach. Although the origin is uknown, it seems momo part originated from the famous Shibuya's annoying mascot (Momo-ko), that was popular back in the 90s.
- Look, mofos missed their last train again and trashing the Trump room again. Calling 112 (cops).
by shibuya_queen June 15, 2014
a term that can substitute for "thing", otherwise known as a direct object. Refer to homo, when using indirect objects.
Girl: Get me the mofo from the homo.

Stranger: What are you talking about?

Girl's Boyfriend: She wants you to get her the Cheez-itz..
by liaostep August 18, 2012
Mother Fucker
Xel is a Mofo
by xel June 22, 2012
An abbreviated term for mother fucker
Guy 1;; Dude your Dad's a Mofo
Guy2;; I know right?
by Gouche August 28, 2010
Popularized on Jay Leno's "Headlines," short for "Morrison & Forrester," a law firm. The name was deemed too long, so they shortened it to "MoFo!"
"Where's my MoFo lawyer?!? You tell my MoFo lawyer to get his ass down here!!!"
by hg3300 January 23, 2010
mutha f**ka in short
sup mo fo
hows ya doin mo fo
this is mo foin' crap man
by bobass October 19, 2005

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