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1. (abbr.) mother-fucker
2. (n.) One who is hard-core
Dat man is one bad-ass mofo, yo!
by k1 October 03, 2001
A Japanese tease term mo-fo (MOmo FOreigners) originated in early 2013, to describe groups of foreigners hanging out in Tokyo's fashion districts (Shibuya, Harajuku), typically rude, nagging others passing by. Generally don't speak any Japanese.
Momo, in Japanese, means peach. Although the origin is uknown, it seems momo part originated from the famous Shibuya's annoying mascot (Momo-ko), that was popular back in the 90s.
- Look, mofos missed their last train again and trashing the Trump room again. Calling 112 (cops).
by shibuya_queen June 15, 2014
A sign of respect. Not to be confused with motherfucker, which is clearly an insult.
Girl: Yo mofo, what's poppin'?
Guy: Just chattin' it up with my pet chincilla, you?
by marjrealtalk September 25, 2011
shortened term for mother f***er
whats up mofo?
by big_ben100 September 13, 2009

A true tearm of endearment. A conjunction for the term Mother Fucker. Could also be used for those drivers on the road who can't function in proper society, most likely from parenting styles or lack there of. One of the most versatile word you could use.
"That Mofo just fucked my ass hole".

"Hey Mofo, don't cut me off"

"Go eat a decroded piece of crap you stupid sick ass Mofo"
by Kanga Mangus Trickey D January 02, 2009
muther fucker
hes a rich mofo
by mmlandic July 11, 2008
The word mofo is used as a shortened version of mother fucker.
Yo Mofo... you steppin' on my turf now!
by Jade Maia June 02, 2008
the abbreviation for motherfucker
This dumbass mofo ain't gon' do shit!
by Laqueefa May 14, 2005