1. (abbr.) mother-fucker
2. (n.) One who is hard-core
Dat man is one bad-ass mofo, yo!
by k1 October 03, 2001
Another examlpe of lazy black speech that illustrates they can't put the effort into even cursing correctly.
Look dat mo fo trippin on dose ho's.
by Moe Foe March 30, 2005
"Mofo" is a slang abbreviation for the word "motherfucker". However, unlike "motherfucker", "mofo" is used for humor instead of insult. This word is slowly becoming extinct, for it is no longer in style.
"I'm a badass mofo."
by Mr. Big C April 20, 2016
the abbreviation for motherfucker
This dumbass mofo ain't gon' do shit!
by Laqueefa May 14, 2005
Popularized on Jay Leno's "Headlines," short for "Morrison & Forrester," a law firm. The name was deemed too long, so they shortened it to "MoFo!"
"Where's my MoFo lawyer?!? You tell my MoFo lawyer to get his ass down here!!!"
by hg3300 January 23, 2010
The word mofo is used as a shortened version of mother fucker.
Yo Mofo... you steppin' on my turf now!
by Jade Maia June 02, 2008
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