1. (abbr.) mother-fucker
2. (n.) One who is hard-core
Dat man is one bad-ass mofo, yo!
by k1 October 03, 2001
short for mother fucker
MJ:Cha mone Ronnie you little bitch tittie ass mo'fo
by kingpin October 17, 2004
A sign of respect. Not to be confused with motherfucker, which is clearly an insult.
Girl: Yo mofo, what's poppin'?
Guy: Just chattin' it up with my pet chincilla, you?
by marjrealtalk September 25, 2011
Short for Motherfucker = someome who is ridiculously awesome. Also, (30 Seconds to Mars') Tomo Milicevic's favorite word.
That Tomo is one crazy mofo! Have you seen him play live? Amazing.
by thevenomousone February 25, 2010
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