It's an abbreviation for "Mother Fucker".
Guy - I fucked your mom.
Dude - You sick Mo-Fo!
by kane April 27, 2003
If you are a mo fo you are a mother fucker!!!!!
"You mo fo" says the boy "fuck you" you reply
by dan543 April 12, 2006
It's short for motherfucker. And anyone who dopesn't know this is stupid.
What up mo'fo
by Elsie May 26, 2004
also the name for a ripoff porn site.
The mofos site starts with a $1 offer, then you have to pay to upgrade for anything. However, they then send you misleading deals and by the time you figure that out, you've spent 30 minutes dealing with their billing people or dealing with your credit card company.

They call themselves mofos because they act like mofos
by neil allen December 30, 2011
A word used instead of mother fucker. It still has the same meaning, but the impact is not as big.


It could be like saying that guy is the shit!
Billy Bob: Goddammit! I wanna fuck something up! That fucking mofo stole my fucking wallet!! Shit man!


Sally Sue: Damn, you be tite for dating that mofo!
by I Luff Yooh Bitches January 05, 2009
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