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1. The verb form of badass (badassing) (verb)

2. Something that was totally legit, badass, or fucking sick! (adj)

(Shouldn't be confused with motherfuckin or that gay ass definition that says it is in the middle of fuckin no where)
1. Guy 1: A bro whad id do mac dre.
Guy 2: Yo foo shut up, just cuz im black doesnt mean im mac dre.
Guy 1: Aight fasho dawg... but anyways wanna go mofin at that party tonight.
Guy 2: Ah yeah dawg we gonna be hella badass.

2. (Car skirts around corner sitting on some tight ass 22's with a scary black driver)
Guy 1: Dude.. that shit was so mofin.
Guy 2: Yea. that guy is probably bout to get hella pussy tonight.
by rcam24 June 24, 2010
Middle of fucking nowhere.
Joe wakes up after falling asleep during a roadtrip, he looks outside and they're in a deserted valley. He sits up and asks, "Where are we?"

Flynt turns around and says, "Mofin."
by Flynt Ennis April 18, 2008