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A mofaux is a guy or gal that acts like a baddass gangsta full of lip and attitude but once confronted by authority or anyone at all actually backs right off like a chickenhawk.

Someone who pretends to be an tough asshole hangin' in the hood, but is actually a mommy's boy living at home and studying hospitality.
George W. Bush said to the Iraqi insurgency 'Bring it on you badass mother fuckers' (or words to that effect). A little while later, however, he effectively retracted that statement, he was shown to be a mofaux.

Mofaux: Hey asshole got the time?
Mofaux: Oh sorry sir...I didn't mean to offend...
Mofaux's posse: Geezuz man you is such a pussy mofaux! (laughter at mofaux's expense)
by Goodnight Dick November 11, 2006
7 1
One who appears tough on the surface but hides an emotionally vulnerable personality.
He may act tough but he's really a mofaux.
by Rxo April 04, 2011
4 1
Someone who fakes being an asshole just to be friends with the "popular" kids. Not necessarily the meanest, but definitely the most annoying.
A: Yo, what happened to John? He started being a complete dickhead yesterday

B: He's just being a Mo-faux to impress the new kid. He'll get over it.
by AntimatterKING October 16, 2009
2 0
Slang and shortened version of Mother F*cker; Mo Faux (Pronounced Mow Fow).
Stupid Mo Faux.
You can be such a dumb Mo Faux.
by Al Paton September 12, 2007
5 3
A crossbreed between a Mohawk and a Fauxhawk.
Not a Fauxhawk because its too tall and has an undercut.
Not a Mohawk because its too wide and doesn't have a full fan.

Chick1, "Did you see that hot guy with the MoFaux?"

Chick2, "Yeah, I would totally jump his bones."
by The handsome devil September 28, 2009
2 1
A homosexual that is sporting a fauxhawk hairstyle.
Girl, did you see that MoFaux prancing by? I wonder how much product he put in that fauxhawk to get it that way.
by L .Jackson July 10, 2008
3 2