A Man Hoe. A man, who, like a regular hoe, will do anything with two legs.
"OH my GAWD i heard joe slept with THREE the other week, what a moe.
by thegothicatheist February 11, 2010
Me Over Everything
If I say I'm better than 50 his fans gonna complain
If I say I'm better than Wayne his fans will do the same
I don't wanna ruffle feathers so maybe I should explain
Maybe it's M.O.E. - Me over Everything
by JSwitty October 29, 2009
"To sexually assault someone of a far younger age, Thus making yourself a pedophile"
Person1: "Did you hear what he did?"
Person2: "Yeah, he moe'd her right?"
News: "Today a victim was moe'd in grand central station with Three whisky bottles. no suspects have been apprehended"
by [N][Nate] November 04, 2013
money over everybody
A man get money fuck bitches.

Na dog m.o.e money over everybody
by Soulja Reema January 11, 2010
acronym for Missing On Earth...another way of saying you're high off Pot..
The other day after smoking two blunts I was MOE.
by igivebecky December 24, 2009
A place where Drug dealers deal sherbet and pop rocks because their too poor or stupid to have the real thing. Women from Moe are sluts and tend to be pregnant by between the ages of 13-16yrs old. This Town is where Bogans were given birth to, their feeding grounds include Mcdonalds, The Scout Hall and K mart. Back in 1953 the Prime minster, Robert Menzies, tried to rid this place off the map but sadly his arch nemesis Harold Holt overthrown Robert Menzies and told everyone that Moe
MOE Dealer: I got some Pure 100% coke right from the shores of Cuba.
Bogan: Why does it smell like sherbet?
MOE Dealer: It has sugar init now.
by Dashers Dog June 14, 2010
The sexualization of innocence
The 5 - year - old girl living next door is so moe! I think I'll invite her into my van with some candy
by MISTER OWNINATOR September 29, 2011
1. A Japanese name that was popular in the late 1990s. Its meaning, contrary to popular belief, is "young flowers blooming."

2. A totally normal Japanese name that somehow Americans have turned into "slang."

3. The names of the hundreds of people who consider the other definitions of "moe" in UD extremely offensive.
*Lily looks up her name in UD and smiles*
*Amanda looks up her name in UD and smiles*
*Lisa looks up her name in UD and smiles*

*Moe looks up her name in UD and scowls*
by accidental_perfection! December 19, 2010

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