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1. A film from the "modern" era of cinema, usually post 1970, that is considered to be a seminal work of direction, acting, plot, and/or theme. In short, a kick ass movie.

2. A person whose outstanding good taste and character are deserving of a classification akin to a really great movie.

3. An annoying compliment paid over and over again by drunk TRLA lawyers who are also UT Law graduates to their co-workers at the annual organization meeting.
1. Apocalypse Now, Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, and Snatch are all considered modern day classics...

2. My boy Alberto Mesta Jr. is a modern day classic...

3. Beto: Dude, you know XXXX, dude XXXX is a modern day classic...
Tino: Dude, I know, and I'm gonna drink to that shit!
by nacotaco January 31, 2005