The trait of lessening love at first sight in severity and intensity, so as not to disrupt the day to day life of another. Also, see sexy.
Pantyless cowgirls will not flee if taken in moderation!
by Ms K January 03, 2008
Top Definition
The ability to exercise self-control while enforcing one's will power to resist certain situations a person puts themselves in too often.
Sifl demonstrates the use of moderation by passing on a puff puff give give every other time.
by die-nough-soar July 02, 2003
The art of drinking just enough to relax without losing the skill and complexity of fucking canadian trollops with abandon.
(Oh,sorry, thought this was a canadian dictionary!)
You need to show some moderation there, eh, you don't want to get pissed or that young canuck will bolt all the way back to cowtown.
by Chesterfield Romper January 03, 2008
An imaginary place that exist where ever you drink.
I always drink in moderation and wake up the next morning feeling like shit.
by liquidcocain November 11, 2009
A yuppie word for being a bitch.
Fred announced he would be drinking in moderation to no one in particular, because he didn't actually have any friends.
by arcanepurposes June 10, 2011
Used in message boards when a offensive message has been taken down by the message board's administration. Often used as "Mod" or "Moded" for slang. (Mod can also be used as a noun for a Moderator)
I have 10 moderations on that account.
by Iguana September 12, 2003
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