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Generally a heterosexual man (though in some rare instances used to describe the same behavior in lesbian woman) who is only interested in having sex with female fashion models and does so frequently, changing partners rapidly and casually with no emotional attachments.

Derived from womanizer. The qualification as to modelizer is the fact that the womanizing behavior is targeted only at models and that models are strictly speaking too young to be considered women, and far too jaded too be considered girls.

A very specific subset of ephebophilia.

Modeling careers often begin as early as 13 and the average age of a fashion model is well below 18. However, because of the pressures of the modeling industry, behavior among models is more likely to be that of an adult woman somewhere in mid to late middle age.
Jay's a bit of a sleaze, he's been through 4 models this month. And no one can remember the last time who dated a normal woman. We're starting to think he's a modelizor.
by The_Egoist December 12, 2011

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