Pretty women or handsome men. No different from the ones you work with, go to school with, or hang out with
I look around and I see so many women who are just as beautiful and sexy as celebrities/models and they're just average people.

#model #handsome #pretty #celebrities #women
by McMuffin August 25, 2007
What almost every AOhell user aged 16-21 and female claims they are.
"XxSHeXiixxGuRL87xX: NE1 WANNA CHT 2 18/F/LON MODEL??? :-*"
by KHD June 23, 2005
a prostitute for the eyes
I couldn't stop looking at that model until I walked into a pedestrian.
#model #prostitute #eyes #supermodel #eye candy
by Dan N. March 31, 2007
Models are people who work their ass off to make money and sell you clothes.

Contrary to the popular belief that ignorant jerks share, no we are not all anorexic or bulimic. Yes, it is a hard job.

We're talking nine hours of extremely uncomfortable poses, thick makeup, hot studio lights, exhaustion, and no lunch breaks.

As for runway shows, we are talking insanely high heels that no human should be able to walk in and live, but somehow we manage. These shows take all day to prepare for and once again, no lunch breaks.

Now for the emotional stuff. We have to stay confident, face rejection, and face the jealousy (no matter how undeserved) of our peers.

Next time you say being a model isn't hard, think again.
Idiot: LOL, that girl thinks modeling is hard!

Model: Um, excuse me? how about you try it?
*tries it*
Idiot:Holy..... i had.... I didn't know.... I don't think I can move my legs...

Guy: Look at that girl over there!

Guy2: Oh yea, I heard she's a model!
Guy: DANNNG, hot, and she works her ass off!!!
#hot #girl #beautiful #jenna #sexy #modeling #lucky #rich #worker #hardworker #ass #hauls ass
by adeleBeautiful01 January 05, 2011
a skinny individual who has dedicated their life to looking pretty and developing walking skills. They spend most of the time defending the difficult nature of their work (such as the rejection and time-consuming photo-shoots), this is because in fact their job is disgustingly easy and they hate that everyone can see it.
Model: Oh my gaaash it's like really really hard being a model. you have to like always look pretty and like watch your figure ALL THE TIME. It's like tough you know

Normal: Shot
#supermodel #airhead #insightless #skinny #naomi campbell
by Cindy the awesome October 04, 2010
a sexy guy of Stedman, NC and he is just drop dead sexy
Oh dang lets bang Josh Harris he looks like a sexy model.
#hot #sexy #bootylicious #stripper #hesmine
by Bonquisha Smith September 21, 2007
an exxtremely gorgeous, unique beauty who can make anything look good. the only great models are the ones who can look gorgeous without their hair or make-up done, rolling out of bed in the morning!
examples of those models: Giselle B., Heidi Klum, Daria, and yes, Paris Hilton are all true, unique beauties that dont need anything to look great.
by hey, its true what i say July 09, 2005
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