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When one is forced to wear a burka veil, niqab part of the veil, chadri, purdah (face curtain) or other face covering by (1) social convention, (2) one's husband, (3) one's religion, one can be said to be in a mobile veil jail. Often those that wear the veil jail do so because of fear of reprisal or social ostracization or punishment. Since the person wearing the jail veil is generally allowed to move about in society only while wearing the veil it is thus a mobile veil jail. In some Islamic cultures the woman's face is considered "the most tempting part of her body, because what people look at most is the face" and is "awrah, aka intimate parts, which must be covered" as ordered by fatwa. The pre-medieval Bronze Dark Ages belief that the woman's face is an intimate part of her body and can only be seen by her husband or family or woman friends, out of fear that any man that sees her will want to be tempted to rape her thus they jail her for her own protection in a twisted perversion of protecting her by encasing her in cloth coverings. Some women claim to voluntarily wear their mobile veil jails out of respecting their culture or religion or faith, however that just indicates that they are captives and as such are not free. In many western and even Islamic countries the mobile veil jail is not permitted in public in part to prevent the literal covering up of physical abuse by family members. Some ultra-orthodox Jewish women wear the burqa as a symbol of protecting chastity.
Oh look the women there are all sewn up in mobile veil jails which they likely don't have any choice about it for fear if they don't wear them they'll get beaten by their husbands or stoned to death; they think that they'll be pounced upon and raped by the first male to see them; wearing a mobile veil jail is like they are still living in the pre-medieval Bronze Dark Ages.
by pwvl October 07, 2010
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