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1. An alternative spelling for Moby Dick, the famous whale.
2. An incorrect spelling of the name Moby, an American DJ, singer-songwriter and musician.
3. One of the nicest, funniest guys that you could ever encounter. Also a great dancer.
1. "Did you ever see that cartoon, mobi dick?"

2. "I'm jammin to mobi right now!"

3. A: "Hey do you know mobi?"
B: "Yeah!! that guy who's same same but different? He's so cool!"
by bukna December 15, 2008
UK slang for mobile phone. First used in TV programme "3 non-blondes".
Give me a ring on me mobi.
by JulesE July 31, 2006
An ancient form of the kamasutra which is performed by Cluffy and Stephen on each other. It involves, a cholent and Cholentation.
look uo cholent for details.
by Prince Harry February 04, 2005