When your extremely overweight, and wont get off your cell phone to do anything.
Person 1: Omg the house is on fire! Get off your phone or you'll die!

Person 2: Yea, hold on, just a sec...

Person 1: Stop being so MOBESE!
by lilcamifromcali July 31, 2011
Top Definition
more obese than the average obese person.
Detroit is the 4th most mo-bese city in the US.
by lovemorningx May 25, 2010
Morbidly obese. Someone who has taken obesity to a new level. Anybody from Houston, for example.
Man, that chick isn't just fat, she's mobese.
by Gabriel Chan October 02, 2007
More obese than the average obese person.
Dude that chick is mobese
by Dave Hunter May 31, 2010
Someone who is not fat but thinks and eats like a fat person.
Sherry you are so mobese that was like your third piece of cake.
by c-dowg October 01, 2007
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