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Morbidly obese. Someone who has taken obesity to a new level. Anybody from Houston, for example.
Man, that chick isn't just fat, she's mobese.
by Gabriel Chan October 02, 2007
11 2
more obese than the average obese person.
Detroit is the 4th most mo-bese city in the US.
by lovemorningx May 25, 2010
17 6
More obese than the average obese person.
Dude that chick is mobese
by Dave Hunter May 31, 2010
6 0
When your extremely overweight, and wont get off your cell phone to do anything.
Person 1: Omg the house is on fire! Get off your phone or you'll die!

Person 2: Yea, hold on, just a sec...

Person 1: Stop being so MOBESE!
by lilcamifromcali July 31, 2011
4 1
Someone who is not fat but thinks and eats like a fat person.
Sherry you are so mobese that was like your third piece of cake.
by c-dowg October 01, 2007
4 6