A word strengthener, can be used as an adjective, although it isnt really an "adjective". its more of a "noun add on". mobeel is used as a good thing....usually, on occasion it can strengthen a bad noun.(technically it is the same as mobile, although this way people pronounce it correctly)
"Dude! your such a pimp-mobeel"
"Dude these pancake-mobeels taste fantastic!"
by nannman March 01, 2009
Top Definition
A strange, funny, or interesting looking mode of transportation. Attention grabbing usually in a negative way.
Wow! Look at that sick ugly mo-beel drivin' down the road!
by jbods12 July 15, 2009
different way to say Mobile, but so people pronounce it correctly
I drive an auto-mobeel,.
by Karl Mobeel August 07, 2008
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