something which is better then better
threesomes, construction workers
by mo better July 12, 2003
Top Definition
The act of passionate love making out of pure lust for eachother

Great love making that goes on for hours with someone who wants you just as bad as you do them

To Make love as if it will be the last time(Exhustion ALWAYS follows mo'better if you ain't wore out you go more work to do)
"girl we ain't dating we just have a mo better agreement"

"Gotta leave now bro's gonna go home & get me some mo'better"

"A little of that mo'better never hurt noone"
by Platinumpistolz September 12, 2005
Defs. 1 and 2 (i.e. something which is much better and passionate lovemaking) as demonstrated in the intranslatable phrase from Mo'Better Blues (see below)
Mo better is mo better (Mo' Better Blues, Spike Lee)
by Helle Kaiser-Nielsen January 05, 2006
Spike Lee's grammatical ignorance.....he likes to display his stupidity so much, he put the phrase in the title of one of his bombs.
Mo Better Blues
by fuckface December 01, 2003
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